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    5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing is Failing You

    5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing is Failing You

    Out of all the online marketing channels, email marketing, undeniably, is the most versatile one. Whether you’re running an e-commerce business, or a business which caters to other businesses. Whether you need leads or would like your customers stayed informed about your new products or services. And it’s reported to give you the maximum ROI, simply because, it’s the most cost effective medium to reach your audience. It makes sense that you’d not hesitate to choose email as your preferred medium of communication over other marketing channels. Sadly, it wasn’t the case with your last email campaign, where did you go wrong?

    Your mailing list was not segmented.

    If you’re one of those who didn’t have patience and went on to send emails to every other person on your mailing list. Tell me what did you get, 2% open rate and not-so-mentionable click through rates. Nevertheless, where did you find that list if you didn’t make your own?

    It’s the case we encounter 80% of the time when we gather our client’s requirements so we can refine our strategy to make the most of our resources. We don’t even blame businesses, as building relevant and concise mailing lists is a highly time consuming process—it can take up to an year for a decent number of addresses to be sent mails to.

    So, if you’ve a list try to segment it on the basis of your requirement. If you own a lingerie store, you wouldn’t dare to send an email to a male to make a sale, unless the luck allows it. Perhaps, the 2% open rate was because those were the only 2 women in your list of 100 people.

    Your subject line didn’t work

    An ambiguous or not-so-straight subject line is a way to lose your prospects.
    Subject line-Best value for your money!
    What would you make of it?

    Either it’s too much of text or too many images

    Design is the concern here. Popularity of HTML emails is for the sole reason that it provides so much of flexibility to keep your text and images proportionate. Try to add images that speak for themselves and then go on to explain them to put across your USP in not more than 3 lines for every picture that you use.
    Make sure you fulfill your promises you made through the subject line—through text and images in the email.

    Your timing was not good

    Don’t tell me you sent it at night, and your customer woke up to find your email buried under other hundreds of emails (Oops! he didn’t find it all).

    People have given access to their inbox that doesn’t mean you can send an email anytime you want. Well, go ahead and do that to fail.

    Schedule your emails according to working hours, in case they are B2B emails. Take care of holidays, weekends, while you expect yourself to send B2C emails—when you expect a good open rate.

    There was a spam word in your subject line

    Your email didn’t even make it to the customer’s inbox. Almost all servers have a check system (filters) in place to make sure their users don’t get flooded with irrelevant and obnoxious mails. Do test your emails, if they get through the filters, and not contain a spam word.
    Could that mean 2% open rate meant only 2 emails were opened out of the 90 emails that were delivered to the inbox?


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