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    Captain Space was delighted on being invited to a prestigious event for new entrepreneurs. The audience at the conference were an interactive lot who fired a volley of questions at our Captain. Captain Space was clueless when someone asked him a question on empty shopping carts and customers who leave their shopping carts without making any purchase

    He was disappointed and felt humiliated in front of Dr. Ray who had accompanied him to the event!

    The third party integration tools which we incorporate to convert visitors into customers are abandoned cart, one-page checkout and many others.

    Simplify Your Business Needs with Third Party Integration Tools

    Abandoned cart gives you a list of all abandoned carts of guests and customers who have logged in, and sends them an email afterwards nudging them into completing their transaction. Upselling and cross-selling are two of the most widely used integrations. They help in lead and sales generation without wasting much of the user’s time. For instance, if a user purchases a bottle from your website, we would upsell to him by sending a link of similar bottles that he can purchase, rather than sending him the website's link. In this manner the customer will be redirected directly to the product page and purchase the product. These tools, along with a variety of others, help in tracking your users, analysing the reasons for their behaviour and increasing your rate of online transactions, which in turn improves your overall ROI.

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