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    Web Solutions

    With new and emerging technology, the internet world is shrinking onto tabs and smartphones and is bringing more and more consumers and providers to the online market. The traditional yellow pages have now been supplanted by google and other search engines. The new objective of company websites is not just providing information, but getting more customers and subsequent business through each visit.

    Now, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Does your website communicate about you effectively and is able to address the needs of your customers?
  • Does your present web strategy enable you to hold your visitor’s attention and get repeated hits?
  • Does your web marketing technique enable you to divert web traffic to your site?
  • Does your website convey your USP and quality standards or just provide superlative definitions?
  • If your answer to these questions is ‘NO’, then we might be able to bring a revolutionary change for the web presence of your company. We understand that for discerning clients like you who deserve the best, and are looking out for the best, time and business commitments do not permit working on an effective web strategy on your own. Therefore, we felt the need to represent our keen interest in providing specialized, customer-centric, user friendly, competitive & professional web solutions and services.

    UI/UX Designing

    In today's digital age, your website is probably the most important marketing tool at your disposal. Nowadays, prospects invariably look up websites before making decisions, and one glance at the UI/UX of your website qualifies you as either credible or run-of-the-mill. With a rundown website, new business suffers, bounce rates increase and negative word-of–mouth comes aplenty.

    Ever wondered if the content, images and designs of the website could be choreographed to fit as the screen changes its size?

    Rather than tailoring disconnected designs to each of the ever increasing number of web devices, we can treat them as facets of the same experience. From the web 1.0 era, websites moved on from being static to dynamic, then to mobile websites, and finally to a website fitting each and every responsive design. It may become daunting to keep adding to your list of websites fitting the screen size each time a new device is introduced. On the other hand, think of a scenario where any surface can be used as a screen!

  • Ethan Marcotte, coined the term Responsive Web Design (RWD), in his article in "A List Apart".

    Ethan's thought was potent, which when implemented can take your website beyond the constant chase of screen sizes and resolutions. Ethan called it Responsive Web Designing. It gets HTML 5 and CSS Media to create fluid designs, which can work in all browsers. What is more, you will have a consistent stream of design across all the screens, lesser efforts for SEO and marketing activities and better quality experience, no matter what the screen size.

    “At iDreamBiz, we deploy responsive web design to create websites for you that are up-to-date with ever-changing marketing trends.”

    Web Development


    "We are committed to serving you as your comrade in the drive towards your strategic business goals".

    The intelly CMS simply refers to the INTELLIGENT CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM because its equipped with artificial software intelligence mechanism. Invention needs efforts, patience and dedication & experienced professionals of iDreamBiz proved this fact by producing an undoubtedly unique CMS. Now intelly CMS is the reason of happiness for our estimated clients around the globe. Its attractive architecture makes it efficient for building Informative, E-commerce, Classified, Blogging & Business Directories sites.

    we hold

    Our team of top web portal design experts and web application development experts will tailor your web development project around your company’s services, objectives and of course, your budget.

    In building advanced custom web application programs and rich internet software solutions, special emphasis is placed by iDreamBiz from the start on the system, program architecture and client requirements. This ensures that the developed project will have a long life cycle and will be easy to maintain and to develop in times to come. Good application architecture is a guarantee that future product upgrades, version control and distribution will not turn into a nightmare for you.


    We, at iDreamBiz, understand the intensity involved in a Web Development project or a Web Portal Design project, and are truly dedicated in boosting your business through a professional web development process showcasing your products/services or information in the most effective manner.

    iDreamBiz has been in business for several years now and our experienced PHP & Java developers have unique expertise in programming and developing database and backend solutions. We develop advanced websites and web applications that can handle mass amounts of data and transactions. It doesn't matter how small or big your company is. We have web development solutions for any size or budget.

    Website Maintenance

    • It's no secret that both visitors and search engines alike prefer to visit updated websites where content is added on a regular basis. Websites need regular maintenance like updating of content and graphics, keeping the website current to showcase latest products and services, communicating changes in your company, and to add latest features currently used by e-commerce websites for their SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts.

    • Irrespective of what your business is, you need ongoing web site maintenance to make sure that you are getting the highest return on website investment. Web Maintenance Services by a third party can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time website design professionals or web content programmers.

    • At idreambiz, we comprehensively maintain your website so that you can concentrate on running your business instead. With the help of our dedicated and experienced team of webmasters, we constantly update and optimize your website to increase online traffic on it, boost sales for your business and strengthen your overall brand image and online presence.

    From our Buzz, Yuri and Armstrong's

    Mr. Rohan

    NN4 Energy

    I'm very pleased with the work you've done to create my business web site. It has brought a lot more business my way. Thank you....

    Mr. Navin Bhardwaj

    My SMS Kart

    "Its really amazing that at last I found the real people who are the hub of web development services. Thank you iDreamBiz for your best quality services and experience what you offered me . The iDreamBiz support team is really amazing who puts their every efforts in the successful implementation of ...

    Ms. Nidhi Tyagi

    SkillLiv Academy

    "I had very nice experience working with iDreamBiz, their approach is very solution oriented and the team had been very supportive throughout the project. I liked the quality of their work. I recommend iDreamBiz for developing your website."...

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