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    Congratulatory messages had been pouring in for Captain Space since his website hit the magical 10,000-user benchmark. This was definitely a stepping stone in his career. The Captain, however, was not ready for what was to come his way next!

    ‘How do you manage the list of users, and what do you plan to increase their numbers?’, questioned his rival, General Dark, at the success party. The Captain was stumped. These words were like a dagger that cut through his heart! Through all the celebrations, he had forgotten to think about what he was supposed to do next regarding list management. It was Team iDreamBiz yet again that took it upon themselves to manage the list of users availing his services.

    List management is an important aspect of email campaign management as it helps you choose and filter as per the client's behaviour, and subsequently target them for upselling, cross-selling, abandoned carts and more. List Management includes the following 2 fundamentals:

    List Segregation

    List segregation depends on your marketing and sales strategy, and includes your existing as well as potential customers. Our team segregates your email list according to the behaviour and activities of your contacts. After this, efforts are made to convert potential customers into permanent ones and existing customers into recurring ones by using our unique expertise.

    List Optimization

    The process of list optimization includes removing hard bounces which are email messages that have been returned to the sender because the recipient's email address is invalid or has been deactivated. In this way, we eliminate manual unsubscribe emails and maintain active email lists for optimized delivery.

    Template Designing

    List management - Our way

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