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    Finalized an agency for your website? This link will make you think again!

    Finalized an agency for your website? This link will make you think again!

    Digital marketing can speed up your online business like anything and which is why you must have taken a move so that your business can reach up to another heights. But but but! Have you ever thought or discussed as how this is going to happen before you paid to an agency? If not yet, you are in biggest dilemma my friend. 

    We are sure that you might have chosen the agency to develop your website with all the research. Ohh didn’t you? Well then, a thorough background check and test of knowledge might have saved your money to go in vain. Moreover, below are the question that must have arrived in your mind before paying to an agency like:



    Does this agency have the right expertise?

    Does this agency offer all of the services I require?

    Is my business important to them?

    How many people will be working on my account?

    Who will be my main contact?

    What am I paying for?

    Can I trust them?

    Are they able to provide testimonials and examples of work?


    Have you tried finding the answers of these questions? After all you have chosen them to develop your website, so on what grounds? 

    Certainly, if the above questions are still bothering you somewhere, you can be in real trouble. Since you have not crosschecked your queries, there can be a huge mess and you might end up regretting. 

    But believing that it’s never too late, below are some points that you must check with the agency involved in your website designing. Let’s have a look.

    Did you check since long the company is designing and developing the websites? 
    That’s a big question, as the amount of time a company is doing the website development will help you judge their expertise. Not always a brand can help you and give you the best as per expectation, instead the right expertise and the experience will always hit your expectations right. So, do not forget to check the duration company is serving the industry.

    Have you checked on the features company is providing to you?
    So first on first, you must have discussed for the features you are going to have in your website without compromising on the quality. If not, that can be a real bizarre for you, so before wasting any more time, check for the features and tabs they are going to build or your website.

    Did you look for the expertise of the company?
    A little research about how they make the website always saves the time and money. Whilst, you have to make sure that you website is standing apart from your competitor’s website, opting for an agency who has experience in making the websites of your genre could have been a definite advantage. So if you have not checked yet, go and ask for the samples of the work they have done in past.

    Are you done discussing about your priorities and preference?
    Well, are you convinced with those flashy presentations by the company? If yes, you definitely risking your money. Check if they can make what is important for you and whether they have creative and out of the box features for your product line. Also tell them the features or products that are important to you so that the important thing is not left.

    Do have any idea about how they work?
    In lieu of going on the talks, you must have seen the work they did in past or recent times. Because that would have given you the idea about their designs and work. Check it thoroughly, discuss with other clients and check on their previous work, you still might want to change your mind.

    Did they charge you right?
    Have your compared the prices and the complimentary features with other agencies before paying to them? If not, you must check it once, so that you can have a clear idea about the market trends. Other companies might give you more features in the same budget or can have better designs.

    Do they understand your requirements?
    You must have checked the samples the company have provided to you after listening to your requirements. No? then think again and not just the samples but also check if the company is good in Search Engine optimization as SEO is the only thing that can grow your presence, visibility and hence business. Also, check for the integration of social media and other creative features to make it user-friendly. Well, if you have done it before, you could perhaps got the better options. Also meet the developers of the site and judge their understanding. Yes you got me right, judge it, because you have paid for it.

    So, these were some check on that can help you to still take the wiser decision. Note that it’s never too late and choosing the right agency to make your website can be the biggest turn on for your business. Being a businessman, you cannot afford the market failure for sure, so invest in right, and enjoy the sight!


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