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    iDreamBiz: Custom Web Solutions for Your Business Success

    iDreamBiz: Custom Web Solutions for Your Business Success

    A small website design enhancement or a complete website overhaul – custom web solutions can provide your business with the extra zing that it needs to grow from a small scale company into becoming a large conglomerate firm.

    At IDreamBiz, we make use of a unique blend of web design and development prowess which enables us to create visually stunning websites with truly customized and complex website functionalities for our clients.

    In the past, our clients have asked us to create various customized features for their website which are pertinent to their particular line of work. We have always believed in maximizing the ROI from the websites we create for our clients, and we have always delivered concrete results that have been critical to the success of their business.

    Some of the key elements that most of our clients want in their websites are:

    ·         Creating a visual appeal that instantly improves the user experience, thereby improving the conversion rates for their business

    ·         Providing the facility of addressing the varied needs (language adaptability, for instance) of specific users.

    ·         Total integration of their websites with a host of other applications in order to provide an improved user experience.

    ·         Responsive designs that seamlessly integrate into all screen sizes – big or small.

    We have successfully created a number of different websites that maximize the profit margins for our clients. Some of these are:

    ·         B2B E-commerce Websites (with product catalog integration and ERP, POS, CRM et cetera)

    ·         Industry Specific Websites (for real estate, educational sector et cetera)

    ·         Multi-branded Websites

    ·         Directory Websites

    ·         Distributor Websites

    ·         Services Listing Websites

    Our customized back-end programming capabilities include:

    ·         MS SQL

    ·         AJAX/Javascript/jQuery

    ·         C#, Visual Basic

    ·         XML

    ·         .NET MVC, .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.0

    ·         Google Maps API

    ·         E-commerce Integration

    ·         WordPress Custom Websites

    ·         PHP Development

    Ultimately, it is our passion and expertise that helps us provide our clients with exceptional customized web solutions. It is no wonder, then, that each and every website that we have created in the past is truly unique – no two are identical. Ever. Contact us now if you’re in need of the services that we have on offer. Visit to know more.

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