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    iDreamBiz Email Campaign Management to the Rescue!

    iDreamBiz Email Campaign Management to the Rescue!

    It had been a month since Matt launched his ecommerce company selling menswear. With a team of talented bloggers by his side, who put in hours of labor into SEO and SMO, he was able to attract traffic to his website. Matt was on cloud nine - he thought that he had achieved everything to turn his business into a success.

    He couldn’t have been more mistaken!

    Bluntly put, website traffic is indicative of the ability of your bloggers to capture the attention of the audience with the quality of their content and bring them to your website. It does NOT mean that people are interested in buying your product/service.

    So, after a period of 5 months, when Matt saw that he was not able to generate any business, he felt completely shattered.

    At that point, a close acquaintance, Mark, who also happened to be an entrepreneur came to his rescue and introduced him to the concept of Email Campaign Management. “ECM is the genie in the bottle which nurtures your leads to convert them into loyal customers. It is the magic carpet that takes you places in the business world”, quipped Mark.

    Matt was then quick to hire iDreamBiz, an organization that provided the best ECM services. iDreamBiz adopted a six step procedure to increase the lead conversion rates and product sales:

    ·         Calendar Planning: This is an integral part of an effective ECM strategy. The demography, location, time etc. are the factors that come into play in calendar planning. For instance, the holiday season is one of the best times to attract sales as it gives you the opportunity to sell and promote a number of your products. If you’re able to plan out a calendar beforehand and offer your products at a discounted price, you can really capitalize on the holiday season.

    ·         List Management:  List management allows you to segment your customers as per their purchasing activities and subsequently target them for up-selling and cross-selling, as well as removing invalid email addresses, which better optimizes your mailing list.

    ·         Template Designing: Template designing is an important aspect of ECM. Email templates which are more visually appealing and complement the content are bound to make a more powerful impact on the user’s mind than a template which has an average design.

    ·         Third-party Integration: An abandoned shopping cart is a marketer’s worst nightmare come true. So how does one get back customers to buy from their abandoned carts? When something like this happens, a series of emails are shot to the user persuading them to buy from their abandoned carts. Upselling and cross-selling are the two most widely used third party integrations.

    ·         Marketing Automation: It basically helps you streamline your lead nurturing process which includes calendar planning, list management, template designing and 3rd party integration.

    ·         Report and Analysis: This is the last step in Email Campaign Management. It allows you to prioritize your leads, categorize your lists better and expand your business.

    Finally, with a successful ECM strategy, iDreamBiz did wonders for Matt’s business, and he rose to prominence as the owner of one of the best companies selling menswear. 

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